Goals and means

Goals of the Association

(1) The successful implementation of the approach “Community-led local development” (referred to as in the present Articles of Incorporation –“CLLD”) is association’s main objective. In the long run, the Association aims at turning CLLD into a priority instrument that is to raise significantly more funds.

(2) Additionally, the Association has the following objectives:

    1. Represent in competent manner the local action groups (referred to as in the Articles of Incorporation – “LAG“) before the governing bodies of the operational programmes and all other institutions while providing the expert capacity necessary to this end;
    2. Create the necessary prerequisites for effective interaction between the LAG;
    3. defend LAG’s interests and support them in implementing the Strategies for community-led local development (SCLLD);
    4. Work for attracting ever increasing and versatile financial resource (including alternative funding manners) in the LAG;
    5. Pay special attention to the issues related to the depopulation processes in the agricultural areas and suggest adequate measures;
    6. Participate in international projects, as well as in projects with direct EU funding in the interest of all LAG in Bulgaria;
    7. Establish connections with as many as possible similar associations in the European Union and outside it;
    8. Become the founder of Balkan association of the LAG with head office in Bulgaria;
    9. Become member of the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD);
    10. Present its visions on the performance and further development of the LEADER approach in Bulgaria.


    Means for achieving the objectives

    In order to achieve its objectives, the Association would be using the following means in particular:

    1. Attraction and inclusion of all leaders of local significance (local leaders) – mayors, municipal councillors, deputies, leading representatives of the local entrepreneurship etc.;
    2. Work in cooperation with similar non-profit legal entities, in particular with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and with the other associations of municipalities, in order to provide joint protection of its members’ interests;
    3. Elaboration of draft-proposals, provision of partners and supporting the LAG under programmes funded by the EU or other donors;
    4. Organization of regular trainings for the LAG teams with engagement of experts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and of the managing authorities of the other operational programmes, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the other partner associations;
    5. Regular elaboration of newsletters for its members, in which to present the most important information that concerns them;
    6. Bona fide use of all allowed and statutory methods and means that support the achievement of its objectives.